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Davide Cristofaro

Davide Cristofaro was born in Putignano the 16th of August 1985, he lives in Martina Franca, a beautiful Baroque town in Apulia. Coming from a family of humble beginnings, the last of six children, he demonstrated from an early age an innate artistic ability inherited from his paternal grandfather, a self-taught painter, and his maternal grandfather, a skilled pattern maker and tailor.
He attended a tourist-oriented institute, without ever neglecting his passion for drawing, which soon led him to delve into the relationship Fashion - Art. He later enrolled in the "Victoria Academy" Fashion Designer Institute, achieves the title in Fashion Stylist, dedicating the thesis to his grandfather, whom he never met.
He specializes in two different disciplines: Fashion Designer and Textile Designer. The studies conducted combined with his creativity and passion have allowed him to refine his aesthetic sensibility not only in the fashion industry, but in everything related to art.

He debuted in fashion the 5th of February 2012 to "Lecce Fashion Weekend 8", an important event of the Fashion System "Made in Apulia".
He participated in several events: Paris (France) - London (UK) - Oslo (Norway) - Köping - Stockholm (Sweden) - Bangkok (Thailand) - Moscow (Russia) - Tashkent (Uzbekistan) - Milan - Busto Garolfo - Florence - Rome - Naples - Aversa - Caserta - Roccamonfina - Ischia - Francavilla al Mare - Messina - Torchiarolo - Lecce - Ostuni - Taranto - Statte - Talsano - Latiano - San Marzano - Martina Franca, gaining warm critical and public acclaim. Davide Cristofaro's works are held in national and international private collections.
He is currently engaged in the growth and development of his brand "Davide Cristofaro" Art - Fashion - Design "Made in Italy".

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