• Fanny




Rise, fight and live forever

Technique: Mixed on canvas

Year: 2013

Dimensions: cm. 80 X 80

Line: Ethnic Contamination



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I met the artist Davide Cristofaro through Facebook while looking for people interested in art, when I came across his work, I was amazed by his talent. David knows how to find inspiration in everything he observes. He had wanted to paint my eldest daughter seeing her from a photo, not knowing what to expect, so he asked her permission. He kept me informed of the progress of the work and I can imagine the result. I learned about him as he used the colors on the canvas and I lived and felt the passion of his art of him. Some time later, he sent me the photo of the finished work titled "Laura" Every Day Happiness. I couldn't believe my eyes! It wasn't a rough portrait, it tasted of sweetness… it's my daughter's soul!
I was left speechless. Impossible not to get this work, I could not do without it and, once dry, it was packaged and protected in a wooden box and sent to my address. I saw a photo, I was about to find out the truth. Once again, I was inundated with the emotion that the portrait emanated. A question occurred to me: how can a young artist create a masterpiece if he has not been touched by grace? "Many say they are painters, but Davide Cristofaro is a pearl among the many empty shells." Some time later, he met my youngest daughter and he had the mad desire to have her as a model and thus the work "Fanny" Rialzati was born, Fight and you will live forever. To make this work, he kept the same technique used, almost the same colors, so both works could represent a single whole painting. The end result was just as breathtaking, he was once again able to capture the soul of my youngest daughter. I never tire of contemplating these two paintings and the few people who have had the chance to see them are all left speechless.
I want to thank Davide Cristofaro for the happiness he has given me through his artistic gift and I hope that all art lovers will one day admire his paintings of him.


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