• Ray 1024

Ray Morrison

Ray 1024

"Ray Morrison"

The importance of being free

Technique: Mixed on paper

Year: 2020

Dimensions: cm. 30 X 42

Line: Art for Life




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I am always fascinated every time I see a work by Davide Cristofaro. I had the honor of being portrayed by him and this feeling was even more amplified. His works have always struck me for the harmony of colors and the harmony of shapes. The depth that he manages to give to the eyes is difficult to describe, I wish everyone to be lucky enough to see his art live.
You know those poems you read and reread and are even more beautiful? Or those movies that you watch over and over and whose details you savor more and more each time? For me, Davide's art is this. I look at her, time passes, and she is more and more beautiful.

Raimondo Rossi

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